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of their tasks
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of high-quality IT equipment
Jiebao Trading Ltd is a dynamically developing company headquartered in Hong Kong. We are a supplier of IT equipment, software products and services for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our team of professionals solves complex problems in the interests of their clients.

We strive for a unique approach to each client. Our competencies and years of experience make us a reliable partner in the international trade of IT equipment and electronics.
of their size or the complexity
Computers, all-in-one PCs, and laptops
Uninterruptible power supply systems
Servers for data storage and processing
Network equipment
Telecommunication equipment
Microelectronics and control systems
___________________________We have cultivated strong relationships with leading manufacturers and streamlined logistics processes to offer our clients top-tier products at competitive rates
OUR Benefits
Our expertise in international business allows us to effectively find optimal solutions for our clients
We offer professional services, that encompass facilitating international contracts and ensuring transparent transactions across different jurisdictions
Payment flexibility
We take on all operations related to finding suppliers, monitoring delivery, and making payment for the delivered goods, freeing you from routine operations
Worldwide delievery
We work with reliable shipping companies to ensure reliable and safe delivery
Stages of work
STEP #01
STEP #02
STEP #03
STEP #04
STEP #05
Receiving an application
Supplier selection
Conclusion of an agreement
Making payments
Delivery and closing of the transaction
Enter to send an application
Contact us
Address: 704 PRINCE EDWARD ROAD EAST, San Po Kong, Hong Kong
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